Scarborough Beach Surf School
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Surfboard G-Board

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Second Hand G-Boards

The G-Board Classic range in sizes 6’6 and 7’0

These sizes are designed for the younger and lighter surfer, who are learning the basics and increasing their surfing confidence, allowing fast progression in a safe environment.


G-Board Surfboards for Sale

These G-Boards, being soft, give family’s another option to enter the surfing environment, without the safety concerns which would usually go with purchasing a fibreglass board, allowing them more fun time in the surf.

Excellent Condition $175 (Second hand)

Sold Out

Surfboard Mini-Mal

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        Second Hand Mini - Mal's

We have six Second Hand Mini-Mal's for sale all in excellent condition and includes Fins and leg rope!

The ultimate first surfboard, the original Mini Mal gives the float and stability to master the art of surfing.

the best way to develop your surfing is to catch waves with ease and with the added area and volume in a Mini Mal, it will give you every opportunity to catch as many waves as you can!

Sold Out

Surfboard Hybrid

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These Surfboards available for Our Students Only

The Island Hybrid Surfboard, also known as the 'Easy Rider' is suitable for all levels of surfers from beginners to Advanced.

We have a few 6' 8" and 6' 6" Brand New Boards (this price for our students only) These boards retail for $650 in Surf Shops.

Brand New $295  6' 6" and 6' 8"

Surfboard Fish

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            These Surfboards for Our Students Only

The Island Fish Surfboard, works well in small to medium size surf. A playful summer wave board for beginner to advanced.

We have 4 x 6' Brand New Boards (this price for our students only)  These boards retail for $650 in Surf Shops.

Brand New $295  6' 

Surfboard Rip Curl Hybrid

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We also have two Rip Curl Hybrid boards 6' 8" and 6' 6" Brand new going for $295 and a couple of Second Hand Hybrids going for $200.

Suitable for all levels of Surfers.

Brand New  $295 or Second Hand $250

Surfboard Rip Curl Raptor

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And one left of the Rip Curl 6' 6" Raptor Surfboard

Brand New  $295  -   6' 6"


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